Floppy Disk Fever, the first publication by Floppy Totaal will arrive on 16 September 2022; a book that explores the curious afterlives of the floppy disk in the twenty-first century, by interviewing those involved with the medium today.

Includes a preface by Lori Emerson (Media Archeology Lab), a media glossary by Jason Curtis (Museum of Obsolete Media), and interviews with Florian Cramer (floppy filmmaker), Tom Persky (floppydisk.com), Adam Frankiewicz (Pionierska Records), Foone Turing (floppy disk hacker), Nick Gentry (fine artist), Joerg Droege and AJ Heller (Scene World), Bart van den Akker (HomeComputerMuseum), Clint Basinger (Lazy Game Reviews)

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After all, the technology of the past is also part of our future!

Floppy Disk Fever is supported by The book is published through Onomatopee