Magnetic Flux - 31.8.19

Time to get things rolling! On Saturday, the 31st of August Floppy Totaal will visit WORM, the institute of avant-gardistic recreation, for an event entirely devoted to floppy disk music. During this occassion, which is dubbed 'Floppy Totaal: Magnetic Flux', we will be taking a look at the various ways in which recording artists and music labels utilize floppy disks to produce, share and distribute their music today.

Floppy artists Adam Frankiewicz from Pionierska Records and Floppy Not New(s), Sascha Müller and Remute will showcase their views during a two part program consisting of workshops, talks and performances. What are the benefits of distributing music on a medium which most people don't have access to nowadays? And what can floppy disks teach us when we consider them as an alternative to a music scene that is dominated by streaming services and constant access? These and many more questions will be answered! For more information and tickets check:

Magnetic Flux / Part 1. Workshops & Talks

Magnetic Flux / Part 2. Performances

A new website - 03.6.19

Floppy Totaal has a new website! Here you can read about the direction the project will take in the upcoming months. Our goal is to expand Floppy Totaal from a two-day festival into a long-term research project that encompasses multiple events and the production and gathering of new floppy related content. More details will follow!

Floppy Totaal is back - 27.4.19

We are very glad to announce that Floppy Totaal has received a starting grant from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie within their Digital Culture program. This allows us to continue our research into the reuse and repurposing of ‘dated media’ today (and floppy disks specifically). Stay tuned for a future update in which we will share our plans for 2019!